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Food Saftey Trainings

Food businesses in Dubai require legal authorization and assurance on the safety of products. Food Safety is an important concern for the organization as it may affect human health. The HACCP certification offers 100% assurance on the Safety on the consumption of the product.


Duration of the Course : 5 days(30 hours)

The Level 4 HACCP qualifications are aimed at learners either at or working towards management level in a catering or manufacturing business. Achievement of either of these qualificaitons will enable learners to understand the importance of implementing a food safety management system, based on the Codex HACCP principles, and give learners the skills to critically evaluate HACCP plans. These qualifications are useful for auditors, enforcers, trainers and other food safety professionals.


Duration of the Course : 3 days(18Hours)

The overall aim of this programme is to remind candidates how to supervise food safety to control contamination and safeguard the health of consumers. This course is designed for supervisors, team leaders, quality management/assurance personnel and managers of small food businesses. Competition of this course will enable candidates to take an active part of monitoring food hygiene standards, training activities and supervision for food handlers.


Duration of the Course : 5 days(30 hours)

The Advanced level course is designed for those working in all food businesses at executive, managerial and ownership levels. This includes production managers, trainers, owners or managers, supervisors with intermediate food hygiene knowledge, hygiene personnel and hygiene auditors. Successful completion of this level enables candidates to:

  • Understand the more complex principles of food hygiene
  • Help implement a food hygiene system in a food business
  • Contribute to the management of hygiene in a wide variety of food businesses
  • Identify further technical knowledge necessary in complex processes
  • Determine further training requirements
  • Identify areas for legal compliance
  • Determine good practices
  • Design an improvement plan
  • Outline a HACCP type study
  • Promote and encourage good standards of food safety

This qualification is principally designed for managers of food handlers in a food business within the catering and manufacturing. It covers all of the necessary aspects of food hygiene and safety in depth, providing candidates with a thorough knowledge. The aim of this qualification is to provide an in-depth knowledge of food safety and food hygiene principles and practices. Holders of this qualification will have the appropriate knowledge and understanding of food safety to develop and implement food safety management systems


Duration of the Course : 3 days(18Hours)

A HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) program can be applied throughout the food chain, from primary production to final consumption and provide the best system of protection against contaminants. They will gain the understanding and awareness necessary to design and implement an effective HACCP system

This course is designed for those who monitoring CCPs, HACCP team members and food safety professional interested to improve the food safety knowledge. This course will give broad idea about developing and implementing HACCP system in the food business


Duration of the Course : Two days (16 hours)

Person in Charge training aimed for a person directly responsible for the food related operations in the food establishment and has direct authority, control or supervision over employees who engage in the storage, preparation, display, or service of foods. From each shift one person should do this course and he should be a Manager, or Supervisor. Low risk food handlers like groceris,cafeteria, fish, fruits& vegetables stall, butcher shops etc should undergo PIC Level-2.


Duration of the Course : 3 days (18Hours)

Person in Charge Training course is provided for any food establishment will often be the person who has the overall responsibility for running that location during the entire time of operation. From each shift one person should do this course and he should be manager or supervisor ,Head chefs,In Charge etc.PIC Level-3 Training is targeted for the persons in manufaturing,catering,hotels,kitchens,bakeries(High–risk foods),supermarket etc.


Duration of the Course : 6 hours

This course is specifically aimed at those who work in the food industry. The course will give them a sound understanding of the importance of their role in handling food products safely and hygienically. As a food handler, having this knowledge greatly reduces the risk of food contamination and therefore, the spread of foodborne illness. The course is designed and approved by Dubai Municipality and approved awarding bodies. It is mandatory requirement for all those food handlers who have Occupational health cards(OHC) issued by Dubai Municipality.